GreenGold timberland ownership

Our Business

GreenGold is a European independent forest company specialised in timberland ownership and management.

Geographic focus for our timberland investments is European Union.
We own and operate with our in-house professional forest management teams significant timberland areas in Europe (Baltic, Balkan, Nordic, Britannia).
We manage our properties with attention and care and have a perspective of a long-term and evergreen sustainable economical and ecological return.
GreenGold is since its start in 2007 a pioneer in its niche and targets now to make available forest ownership in Europe for everybody who wants to achieve pure timberland ownership exposure without any industrial risk.

GreenGold = Evergreen, Everybody, Liquidity, Independence.

Evergreen = the timberland assets of GreenGold are acquired, owned and managed with a buy-to-hold-forever perspective.

Everybody = large number of private persons, investment companies, family offices, institutionals, NGOs etc, from everywhere in the World, looking for a safe, green and longterm investment in European timberlands.

Liquidity = the shares of GreenGold will  be listed on an European Euro-denominated Stock Exchange thus opening for everybody to become owner in the company and in its timberlands.

Independence = the entire in-house management team of GreenGold is fully independent from any industrial interests and has through its significant ownership stake in the company a very strong and clear alignment of incentives with all other owners of the company.